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There is a huge outcry from college students who want to live a life on purpose and to surround themselves in a community of people who are encouraging them to discover their identity in Christ.  These college students often feel there is no place or community for them to plug into because local churches typically focus attention on families and youth leaving college students to experience a gap of “faith community” between leaving their home until they start their own family.  We want to provide students a bridge over that gap. Our why is to simply serve & support college students who have made a decision to live their life with intention. Their intention… is to seek their identity in Christ and make a positive impact on those they come in contact with.


We will help bridge this gap by developing curriculum, services, and experiences that are focused on today’s college students and their needs.  Our “why” is typically the same mission of collegiate ministries which creates a natural partnership.  Because of this, we work hand in hand with college ministries to understand their challenges and needs in order to come up with creative solutions that will help them carry out their mission.  These solutions may include:

  • Strategic marketing & branding as well as facility

  • Measurement of Impact Statements to provide to stake holders

  • Facility assessment and building improvement consulting

  • Assess feasibility of adding a residential element to their ministry.  These could include:

    • Development and management of standalone living-learning facility

    • Faith based resident life programming

    • Off-campus living outreach program

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